About Climadata

The weather has a huge impact on the United States' and global economy, and plays a major role in our lives. For fifteen years ClimaData Corporation has recognized the need for accurate and timely weather forecasts and information delivered by well known expert meteorologists that are highly respected by their peers.

On radio and television, the weather forecast is one of the top reasons people tune in. ClimaData forecasts and broadcast meteorologists have been heard in the U.S. from coast to coast on over 60 radio stations, as well as in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic. In print, the weather page is an integral part of every large newspaper. Newspapers in the Caribbean rely on the weather content provided daily by ClimaData experts. On the Internet, weather web sites are tops in traffic. ClimaData is the only U.S. based forecasting firm providing Spanish language weather forecasts to a variety of clients in media and industry, including the World Wide Web.

ClimaData is a private weather forecasting and consulting firm that provides much more than weather forecasts for electronic and print media. ClimaData has been generating client-specific forecasts for over a decade. Meteorologists on ClimaData's staff have vast forecasting experience, specializing in tropical meteorology.

The need for specialized tailor-made weather forecasts, consulting, and general weather information is growing rapidly as industry, government and media realize the huge economic value of accurate and timely meteorological information. When hurricanes, floods or thunderstorms threaten, being prepared could make the difference between a business disaster, or simply a minor inconvenience. For government and media clients a correct forecast or weather warning could be a life-saver for the population.

Browse around this web site and learn more about ClimaData and its specialized forecasts and weather information services, tailored specifically for your place of business, your customers, or for your broadcast audience. Detailed, accurate, and timely forecasts and information are provided according to your specifications. ClimaData serves media, industry, government, as well as film and TV production companies. Our forecasts, consulting, and meteorological research services include forensic applications and expert witness testimony in collaboration with Climatological Consulting Corporation.

ClimaData is a Corporate Member of the American Meteorological Society, and a member of the Commercial Weather Services Association.


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