Founded in 1991 by NBC Telemundo Meteorologist John Morales, ClimaData is the nation's leading private weather forecasting firm serving clients that do most of their business in the Spanish language.

Over the years our weather forecasts have reached a market of over 20 million Hispanics in the United States on more than sixty Spanish language radio stations in over twenty major markets. Cities like Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston all have had ClimaData forecasts on their airwaves daily. ClimaData also partners with weather giant AccuWeather in providing weather forecasts for WADO and WCAA in New York City.

The presence of ClimaData is well known in Puerto Rico as well, where tens of thousands of daily listeners tune in for weather forecasts on WKAQ Radio Reloj, the island's top ranked news and talk radio station. Cadena de Noticias (CDN), the top rated radio and television news network in the Dominican Republic, has featured weather information and analysis prepared by our staff of meteorologists at ClimaData.

ClimaData also serves the industrial sector in the Caribbean, with severe weather outlooks for clients such as Abbott, Amgen, Intel, Baxter, Pfizer, SUNOCO and Johnson & Johnson.

In print media, important daily newspapers like El Caribe in the Dominican Republic and Primera Hora in Puerto Rico include the ClimaData weather segment.

Even though the company specializes in Spanish language weather information, we also serve clients doing most of their business in English, like WOSO Radio Oso in San Juan, Puerto Rico, WSTA - Lucky 13 in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and ZBVI in the British Virgin Islands.

Our Mission

Weather for the Americas! Weather information, especially from a weather forecasting firm that can provide it in English or Spanish, has become a critical part of many companies' operations. ClimaData aims to provide the most accurate and dependable meteorological and severe weather information service to customers across North America, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Our goal is to bring dependable weather forecasts for the general population through our media clients, plus the detailed and very specialized meteorological information that cannot be found anywhere else to those industries that need it.


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