About climadata

The weather has a huge impact on the United States’ and global economy, and plays a major role in our lives. For thirty years ClimaData Corporation has provided accurate and timely weather forecasts and information, delivered by well known and highly respected expert meteorologists.


Weather & Climate Research Specialists

Specialized Forecasts

The need for specialized tailor-made weather forecasts, consulting, and general weather information is growing rapidly as industry …

Forensic Meteorology

Forensic meteorological investigations into the effects of severe storms and hurricanes are conducted, specifically researching damages caused by wind and water, as well as the reconstruction of conditions impacting air, road and marine incidents …


ClimaData’s roots are in broadcast meteorology. Weather and climate content for traditional or new media is a company specialty …


A better understanding of meteorological phenomena can facilitate well-informed decisions that save lives and property …

As the changing climate sparks more extreme events, the need for timely, detailed, tailor-made weather forecasts and expert consulting is greater than ever.

- John morales

John morales

ClimaData’s founder and Chief Atmospheric & Environmental Scientist is John Morales. His 37-year professional career began as a civil servant at NOAA’s National Weather Service, followed by many decades in media as a well-known and respected weather and science communicator. Mr. Morales has won numerous awards, including the AMS Award for Oustanding Contributions to the Advance of Applied Meteorology. He was inducted into the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences “Silver Circle” for 25 or more years of distinguished work in broadcasting. John Morales is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and has attained accreditation as an AMS Board Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) and Certified Broadcast Meteorologist.