Hurricane “José” misses purerto rico

Puerto Rican Press speaks favorably of ClimaData forecasts

1 November 1999

“If John Toohey says it, I believe it! Again! If John Toohey says hunker-down, I hunker down! If he says plan a barbecue, I buy steaks instead of plywood!”. This is taken from an editorial in The San Juan Star issued Sunday October 24, 1999, giving ClimaData’s Chief Meteorlogist John Toohey great reviews for the forecasts issued for Hurricane José.

ClimaData predicted that Hurricane José would miss Puerto Rico entirely, passing to the north, well before any other government or private entity. “1 storm, 2 opinions” read a Star headline on the eve of José passing north of the island.

“Una voz de calma durante la tormenta”, which translates into “a calm voice during the storm” was the title of a story on November 1, 1999, in Primera Hora, another widely read Puerto Rico newspaper. The story highlighted the career path of ClimaData’s Chief Meteorologist.

ClimaData has particular expertise in forecasting for tropical regions and predicting the path of tropical cyclones. Most of ClimaData’s clients area in the Caribbean, from the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.


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