A better understanding of meteorological phenomena can facilitate well-informed decisions that save lives and property. Arrange for one-on-one training, group workshops, or large lectures provided by experts in the fields of global warming and its long-term effects, severe storms, as well as floods and hurricanes.

Speakers & Training

John Morales

John Morales is a dynamic and enthralling speaker on his specialities of atmospheric and environmental sciences. He has forecasted for and lived through catastrophic hurricanes, but is also well known for his advocacy for action on climate, the environment, and conservation. Mr. Morales mixes the sobering reality of today’s fast-moving climate and environmental changes with a hopeful message about the future.


ClimaData delivers on site presentations and workshops on hurricane awareness and preparedness customized to your audience. Governmental agencies, industry group associations and educational entities have already benefited from our highly targeted and specialized multimedia conferences.

Weather Communicators

Our highly qualified team of meteorologists and weather presenters is made available to our customers depending on the level of expertise required for weather communication sessions. Leverage off ClimaData’s vast experience in the TV, radio and internet mediums for your weather communication needs.

Emergency Managers

ClimaData offers courses designed to provide emergency managers crucial decision making skills when faced with severe weather conditions. Lectures and workshops are tailored around the customer’s geographical situation and particular needs and delivered by top notch specialists.