Forensic Meteorology

Forensic meteorological investigations into the effects of severe storms and hurricanes are conducted, specifically researching damages caused by wind and water, as well as the reconstruction of conditions impacting air, road and marine incidents.


Our research arm provides support to our operations in the development of new products and services for our clients. ClimaData works in conjunction with leaders in government and academia to bring to market commercial meteorology applications to improve people’s well-being, productivity and safety.


Whether dealing with a weather related claim or assessing future risk, weather related damage or need for insurance, ClimaData consultants partner with our customers to suit their data analysis needs with speed, credibility and accuracy.

Expert Witness Testimony

ClimaData provides expert testimony for litigation where weather has been a factor in the dispute. Demonstrative exhibits produced from our data archive, including video animation of weather satellite and weather radar imagery, poster boards, and/or models, illustrate testimony for our customers. We conduct retrospective reconstruction of pertinent weather events.