ClimaData’s roots are in broadcast meteorology. Providing weather content for traditional or new media is a company specialty. For television and radio, weather is listed as the top reason people tune into news and information programming. On the Web and on all smart devices, weather information is in high demand. The ClimaData forecast is delivered by well known, trustworthy meteorologists, or written specifically according to your geographic location and demographics.


Highest broadcast quality production, editing and post production of weather and climate segments for your television station and streaming service.


As leaders in Spanish language radio broadcast meteorology, our forecasts and severe weather alerts have reached millions of radio listeners in the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean. ClimaData meteorologists deliver timely forecasts and weather warnings to the general market in English as well.


Weather maps, charts, calendars, forecasts, and worldwide temperatures are designed and assembled for daily Spanish and English language newspapers.

New Media

Online or on-demand weather content with customized products and services ranging from portals to video downloads and mobile alerts are developed for a variety of platforms and streaming channels.


English-Spanish and Spanish-English translations of scientific material is a specialized type of translation that requires the expertise of people involved in science communications in the two languages. The use of free online tools to translate this type of material often leads to miscontextualized material or just plain mistakes. ClimaData delivers flawless technical or layman translations of science materials in two languages.

Production & Special Events

Detailed forecasts targeted specifically to individual filming or outdoor event locations are produced, down to the half-hour. Production crews, sports teams, concert promoters, festivals, law enforcment, weddings, political rallies, ski resorts and summer camps can all benefi t from these site-specific, tailored forecasts. Concert and special event rainout insurance or tenting decisions can be made easier with an accurate ClimaData forecast and weather monitoring and observing services.

Outdoor Filming & Activities

When shooting a motion picture or TV commercial or hosting an event anywhere in the world, the correct weather forecast tailored to your specific plans is crucial to the quality and success of your production. Video shoots, sporting events, concerts, and even photography sessions have benefited from visibility, cloud cover and sunshine forecasts. Decisions on the purchase of rainout insurance coverage or tenting decisions for special events can be made easier with an accurate ClimaData forecast and weather monitoring and observing services.

Event Planning

Minimize delays and make efficient use of valuable set up time during the planning and infrastructure installation stages of your event. Provisions for equipment storage, deployment, staging or session rehearsals and the like can be handled in a timely fashion by closely monitoring forecast conditions critical to your event with the help of our expert consultants.