The need for specialized tailor-made weather forecasts, consulting, and general weather information is growing rapidly as industry, government and media realize the huge economic value of accurate and timely meteorological information. When hurricanes, floods or thunderstorms threaten, being prepared could make the difference between a business disaster, or simply a minor inconvenience. For government clients a correct forecast or weather warning saves lives and mitigates budgetary impacts.



ClimaData provides tailored, geography specific weather information for industry to help manufacturers protect their employees, installations and fixed assets, especially during severe weather conditions. Receive and distribute to key decision makers in your organization a forecast, severe weather alert, or hurricane update prepared by ClimaData specifically for your location and delivered electronically one-on-one consultation. Never again ask yourself, “How does that storm forecast I heard apply to my exact interests?”


Country, state and municipal governments rely on ClimaData for emergency management information and community education and awareness campaign material and media promotion. Emergency management and civil defense authorities are triggered into action during times of weather related crisis following the recommendation of our expert meteorologists.


ClimaData can provide your hotel and its guests unique weather content for your service area, delivered in printed media, electronically or interactively. Enhance your guest services with vital and timely local and travel weather information for your visitors.

Building & Construction

Improve your operational efficiency with ClimaData’s short term forecasts for the building and construction industry. Precipitation, relative humidity, temperature and wind at height forecasts for their local area are designed to let contractors optimize their project timelines.

Ground & Maritime Transportation

Optimize your transportation infrastructure by designing your operation around the expert advice of our consultants. ClimaData’s expertise in global forecasting will assist you around the clock, with maritime, aviation or ground support.